Back from New York

Back home in North Canterbury and its great to be home!

I was in New York for 3 weeks and I wanted to share some of my pics of some of the things that I thought were interesting 🙂

So here’s my run down..

My Top 5 Best Bits from New York

  1. Seeing Family in New York (my brother lives there)
  2. Experiencing the diversity of the food – its just done right, eating out is part of the lifestyle.. because it’s such good value and they work hard to do it right..
  3. The New York Scenery!
  4. The Oysters – you can buy them EVERYWHERE… I love Oysters.
  5. New Yorkers are obsessed with Kiwi’s (New Zealanders) – I don’t know if it’s our accents or laid-back style but its a fact!  If they keep up the good food – I’ll keep on being obsessed with them.


“New Yorkers are obsessed with Kiwi’s!”

“Oysters.. Ceviche Seafood Salad… New Zealand Green Lipped Mussells”



Actually, one of the most hilarious interaction was talking to someone selling “New Zealand Bluff Oysters” – that clearly weren’t even an NZ species of oyster!  And you won’t convince a New Yorker who knows they are right!?  All of the oysters were amazing though..


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