Community Fundraisers

Quiz Nights

Have a fundraiser quiz night!

How it works

You hold a Quiz Night at our place.

100% of ticket sales go to your cause!

A lot of recent quiz’s have easily raised over $3000!


What we provide:

  • Free venue for hosting your quiz on a Monday or Tuesday. Sell up to 120 Tickets! (For FREE)
  • All of the quiz resources and materials (For FREE)
  • 6 Round Quiz run from 7pm to 9pm
  • The above provides 5 slots for raffles/games to raise $$
  • Quiz is Customisable to you
    – Click here for more details about the running of your event
  • $100 worth of Restaurant vouchers to use as prizes
    ($20, $30, $50) (For Free!!)
  • A host/M.C. for the event for the evening ( MC Costs you $100 – which can be paid for from proceedings )


What you provide:


  • Decide how much you want to charge for tickets ($10 per person works – Teams of  10 (max))
  • Decide on a day and time that suits your event
  • Book in your event with us
  • Sell the tickets and raise the funds!
  • Organise Prizes etc for raffles/games in between rounds
  • Pay The M.C. ($100, Offset by The Vouchers we give you)



We highly recommend a fundraiser auction.

8 great items works!



Just a few items can raise a lot of cash

and create

an entertaining and impactful break in the proceedings



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