So since my last blog post – when I got back from New York – its been an exciting start to summer.  And we’ve just launched a new summer 2019 update to our menu. And I just want to say thanks to everyone who’s emailed, facebooked and popped into the (very hot) kitchen and said “Hi” after reading the first blogs 🙂

I’ll let you know about the update – and a quick note about how summer began for me!

Wedding Adventure

So, as well as getting to know everyone a bit better I’ve also had the privilege of leaving the kitchen in the hands of  the rest of the hard working team while I snuck to Akaroa for 4 days.

I was best man for my great old friend -Steve who I’ve spent many historic hours producing great tasting food with: Steve (the taller and hairier guy in the picture…).. Best moment of the wedding was (picture this) the best man, groom and groomsmen taking over table service at a wedding of 100+ people in Akaroa – that was us.. hospitality is a way of life!   If you want to hear more about that adventure, hit me up at Five Stags (it was a hoot!)…

Me with Steve (Steve is the taller hairier one)

The Summer Menu Journey

The wedding was HOT and busy and I feel like Summer has unofficially only just began! So we’ve launched a summer menu update..

If you’ve read my other posts or talked to some of the locals – you’ll know we’re going through an exciting evolution..

I’ve said before – that food is a journey… the exciting difference is now that I’m sharing my food journey with you – in my own area – in my own business!

We’ve really worked hard to create our menu.  And this latest menu update is based on many deep and meaningful conversations.. trials, tastes and a big-old survey!

What everyone told us…

I could tell you some fancy stats from our survey completed by over 300 people. But its not much different from… or should I say… Just confirms what you learn from just talking to 3 or 4 different tables of great locals on any given night.

It’s not Black and White – we need to constantly talk to our guests.

I’ll let Kerry my business partner explain a bit more of the numbers from the survey…

Kerry: Rangiora and greater North Canterbury has this real mix (about 50/50) of people who want and expect “Casual” style of dining Vs people who want refined or flavors. Over 90% of people in the region have mortgages – and deserve paying fair prices too. Value is a real consideration for people these days.  So its continuing to get feedback to find the right mix of  “Casual” meets “Refined”.  That’s what getting it right has been for us.

“Value is a real consideration for people these days”

But back to me…As most of you know by now – I’m a local boy – and my parents live out here.   As we listen to more locals – we feel like we are starting to really learn what Rangiora wants.

And when it comes to who wants what?  We’ve found that people want to decide when they arrive.   That’s all part of the experience.

And then I love for people to try new things – I’m always excited to hear about a regular local who’s giving something new a go.  A new food experience.  And waiting with anticipation to hear their feedback… that’s when I get my most valuable feedback.

Getting it right for that local is what gives us the confidence to launch new menu’s 🙂

So as Restaurant owners we need to carefully balance value, flavor, taste, familiarity and variation. To get that balance of Casual and Refined Kerry mentioned, just right..

What you’ll see and taste on this update?

You’ll be pleased to know – nothings really been taken off the menu… We’ve just added what you want – and how you want it!

And we’ve reduced some prices where we could – because we’re selling more > we can charge less. Simple.

For those who love the ease, value (and wow that we bring it) of “casual”: We’ve included the Chicken Snitz and Chicken Filo on – as well as Seafood Chowder and Rump Steak…

And some exciting new options we would like you to try.. including the Ceviche, oysters and jerk chicken salad which match up well with your favourite wine!

Oh and here’s a link to the new menu for you to check our before you pop in 🙂

[click here – this is the link to the new menu]

Check out the gallery of some pic’s i snapped on my phone…

Email me if you have any questions about anything to do with food 🙂



Sweet, Jay.

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